Sellers Resources

When a buyer arrives at your front door, the house already meets their basic criteria.  78% of what they are looking for is defined ahead of time.  As a seller it’s necessary to help a buyer connect emotionally by making multiple impressions.

Uncluttering is the most important step in this process. Clutter accounts for 35% of the overall first impression of the interior and almost 50% of the elements a seller can control.  The goal is to show buyers the true spaciousness of a house and clutter robs us of the space and calm we need to live our lives.

Cleanliness and Odors make up 72% of what is controllable when selling a home.  A sparkling clean house tells buyers that it has been well cared for.  Avoid scented soaps and potpourri to ensure scent-sensitive buyers are comfortable in your home. Many people are allergic to perfumes, scented soaps, smoke and some animals.  A neutral atmosphere will allow as many buyers as possible to tour the house.  If possible find an alternative for a pet while selling your home.